You Are Not Alone!

Lynda Young Shares with Parents, Families, Caregivers

Lynda Young


Lynda Young speaks from her heart and touches thousands with her clear message that You Are Not Alone! 

With energy, passion, and extensive experience, she travels the journey with families, caregivers, and caring friends of children with childhood disease. Lynda brings hope and calm in the midst of distress and suffering.

Come along with Lynda as she brings clarity of what IS possible during the journey and how to bring comfort to all involved.        


These topics ring true with many people who are touched by the journey of childhood disease. What works for your group?
  •  I'm Sorry to Tell You This, Your Child Has...
    Journeying along with families who hear the news, and need to understand and cope with the "new normal"

  • When Your Emotional Tank Registers Empty
    Effective communication tools during stressful situations

  • Siblings: the Invisible Ones
    Meeting the needs of the "well" one

  • "Root Wrapping" - strengthening others during a crisis
    Gigantic redwoods grow in families and their shallow roots intertwine or “root wrap.” When severe storms blow in from the Pacific—the huge trees sway and bend—but they don’t break. Humans also root wrap during the storms of life.  


Lynda Young is a nationwide speaker and national award-winning author. She speaks at retreats, women’s groups, conference workshops, and Stonecroft Ministries. Her focus is on parents, families, caregivers, church leadership, Stephen Ministries and counselors.

She also co-founded Kindred Spirits International(KSI) whose outreaches include children’s hospitals and Amani ya Juu, refugee women’s mission in Nairobi, Kenya. KSI's publishing company is Kindred Press, LLC. 

With masters degrees in Religious Education (Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary) and Education/Administration (UNC, Chapel Hill, NC), she has been a teacher/administrator, and has published and taught You-niquely Made © curriculum on personalities.

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